The Virtual Town Hall technology turns the phone system into your personal talk-radio broadcast. The system dials out and connects online to hundreds, thousands or hundreds of thousands of people at one time across any geographic area. You can reach your most important stakeholders in the comfort of their own home, overcoming many traditional barriers to engagement, such as transportation, childcare, domestic duties, weather and many more.

As each person connects, they hear a brief recorded message from your organization and then they are placed into the event. Everyone who joins is muted, but they can raise their had to ask a question (by pressing *3 on their keypad). They are then routed to a screener who takes their question and enters it into a dashboard that is then visible by moderators working on the event. You are then able to select the questions you want to go live from the questions queue.

You can also take the pulse of your participants on key issues by utilizing the polling feature. Polls, either pre-loaded or made on the fly, give participants the opportunity to provide their input, even if they don’t want to ask a question live.

Events generally run for 60 minutes. Following the event, you receive top-line performance reports and a detailed excel file with detailed participation metrics added.

Click here to see a video of the system in action.

We recommend you budget at least 5 business days to prepare for your event. This lead time will ensure you have time to articulate your script, develop meaningful poll questions and get your data organized. We can turn events around faster if necessary.

You can also add in:

  • Web audio streaming
  • Video streaming
  • PowerPoint slides or static images
  • Facebook registration
  • Custom hold music
  • And much more!

Put this amazing technology to use for your organization and engage with many more of your most important stakeholders, like never before.

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