Converso's team has in depth experience in helping solve complex challenges when it comes to engaging with your most important stakeholders, whether they be internal or external. Reaching the right people, finding new members or customers, or increasing the value your stakeholders experience, can often leave one uncertain of the next move. Here are just a few of the things we can do to ensure you make the right impact:

  • Stakeholder Research - finding out what your stakeholders really think (not just what they tell you.)
  • Communications Auditing & Strategy - assessing your function and toolbox, aligning with objectives and helping your team articulate its vision
  • Website Development - not sure how to speak 'tech' with your developers? We can help.
  • Data Analytics - big data, bid deal? Yes, deep dives can unlock tremendous value.
  • eCommerce - our developer strategic partners can help take your idea into revenue!
  • Content Marketing - we can help you create a winning plan that will position your organization as a thought leader.