Virtual Town Halls can help reach more people in a personal way and increase participation in all of your engagement activities.

Consultation professionals employ a wide variety of tools to gather data, synthesize options and inform decision-making from stakeholder groups. Virtual Town Halls (VTHs) can be used independently, or in conjunction with online or in-person activities, to engage stakeholders and provide opportunities for them to provide input and shape the decisions that impact them.

According to the International Association of Public Participation, the first stage of the public participation spectrum is to Inform: "to provide the public with balanced and objective information to assist them in understanding the problem, alternatives, opportunities and/or solutions." VTHs can reach out to tens or hundreds of thousands of stakeholders at a time and engage them in a two-way conversation. This overcomes a major barrier in any consultation - letting people know that it is happening.



VTHs can be used at any stage of the IAP2 spectrum, from to raising awareness of your consultation, providing an opportunity to offer feedback or even communicating a final decision developed through other methods of engagement.

For examples of Virtual Town Hall use cases in public consultations, click here:

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