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Converso's Managing Director Carl Mavromichalis, ABC is a leading authority on the use of Telephone Town Halls with union members. Carl has worked directly with nearly all of Canada's leading unions on using the technology to take their member engagement activities to the next level. For more on Carl, check out his LinkedIn page:

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Telephone Town Halls allow you to connect with members across the country, from the comfort of your office to the comfort of their homes. Not only can you deliver critical information consistently, each event provides you with rich data so you can understand exactly how many members you're reaching, how long they attended and many other data points. The events are secure, efficient, engaging and easy with Converso's industry-leading levels of service.

The Telephone Town Hall is cloud-based system that can ‘push’ phone calls to tens of thousands of members (or more) simultaneously and connect them into the same event. The participant answers a call, hears a brief recorded message from the union leader and then connects. As long as you have your members’ phone numbers and consent to call, you can get the ear of thousands of your most important stakeholders. So when you talk, you’ll know exactly how many people are listening.